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Netease Sports reported on October 4:


At 22:00 on the evening of October 4, Beijing time, in the 5th round of La Liga, Real Madrid defeated 2-0 away


In the 68th minute, Real Madrid got a free kick from the left side of the penalty area. Modric took the free kick to pass the ball into the penalty area, and Ramos scored with a header at the back. Just as Ramos was about to celebrate the goal, the referee received a reminder from the VAR referee that the penalty was not valid for the time being, but was waiting for the result of the VAR penalty.


The TV station also played a slow-motion replay of the goal. At the moment Modric took the free kick, Ramos and the Levante defender were almost on the same level. VAR eventually penalized Ramos for offside and the goal was invalid. Through the offside line drawn by VAR, it can be seen that Ramos was offside at the body hair level, which was almost indistinguishable by the naked eye.

电视台还播放了目标的慢动作重播。在莫德里奇开出任意球的那一刻,拉莫斯和莱万特的后卫几乎处于同一水平。 VAR最终对拉莫斯越位犯规,目标无效。通过VAR绘制的越位线,可以看出拉莫斯在体毛水平越位,用肉眼几乎无法分辨。

At that time, Real Madrid was only leading 1-0. If Ramos scored effectively, Real Madrid could seal the victory earlier, but after the goal was cancelled, Real Madrid encountered danger many times in the future. It was not until the fifth minute of stoppage time that Benzema played Scoring the second goal to ensure an away win.


There have been some penalties in favor of Real Madrid before. For example, in the third round of La Liga against Real Madrid, Betis was awarded a penalty and a red card. After the game, Barcelona star Puyol had mocked the referee. The offside penalty that Ramos encountered in this game is obviously detrimental to Real Madrid and proves that not all VAR penalties are biased towards Real Madrid.


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